Improve Line Availability with MOdern Software Solution

Maintenance Planner for Manufacturing
Prevent Machine Downtimes

Maximize uptime with our Maintenance Planner for Smart Manufacturing, proactively tackle machine downtimes, and create maintenance tasks and SOPs to optimize Shopfloor performance and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Reduce Unexpected Downtimes with Machine Learning and AI

Use Modern Maintenance Planner to Predict the machine failure using Trends Analysis. Let AI suggest when to plan the next maintenance.

Gantt Style Machine Maintenance Planner in modern manufacturing solution

Real-time Analytics

Analyze data to optimize maintenance strategies effectively and improve overall availability.

Simplify Maintenance

Efficiently schedule maintenance and maximize asset utilization using Gantt visualization.

Reccurring downtimes

Keep your machines and equipment running at their best and well-oiled!

Trend Analysis

Identify potential issues on production lines before they lead to costly downtime.

A Big Data Platform for Maintenance in Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Predictive Maintenance Planner MES

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance proactively with predictive analytics and machine learning to minimize downtime and reduce costs.

Optimize Resources

Smart Maintenance Planner

Optimize maintenance resources with Kypeco and advanced planning to improve efficiency and reduce lead times.

Monitor Workforce Performance

Integrated Machine HealthCheck

Monitor maintenance performance in real-time with customized reports and dashboards to drive asset utilization.

A Proactive Maintenance on the Shopfloor is a masterpiece of Operational Excellence and key to improve Line OEE

Visually Plan the Line Maintenance between Jobs or during Job Setup Time

Sync Machine Maintenance with Production Schedule

Predictive Maintenance and Production Insights for Digital Manufacturing

Develop a Maintenance Plan

Outline all the maintenance activities that need to be performed, including scheduled and unscheduled.

Schedule Maintenance Tasks

Categorize activities based on their level of criticality to ensure that  most important tasks are completed first.

Minimize Unplanned Downtimes

Ensure that resources are being utilized optimally and activities are contributing to the overall efficiency operations.


Availability Insights.

Run your machines on full capacity!

Plan & Execute Maintenance Tasks with ease

Predict equipment failures before they happen.

Organize Equipment Maintenance with Planner: Maximize Uptime and Minimize Downtime!

Preventive Maintenance Planner

Plan recurring maintenance once

Save time and improve efficiency by establishing recurring patterns for maintenance tasks, reducing the need for rework and errors.

Find Mean Time Between Failure

Provides a measure of how often production assets fail by analyzing data on equipment performance, downtime, and maintenance history.

High Mean Time Between Failure

Get solutions to proactively schedule maintenance and minimize downtime to improve the reliability of assets by tracking assets performance.

Keep your Team on the same Page

Provides clear guidelines and steps for tasks and processes using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which leads to improved teamwork.

Increase Resource Utilization

Maximize resource utilization in manufacturing with our visual management tool. Prioritize maintenance tasks, optimize resources, and reduce downtime. Achieve optimal efficiency and boost profitability.

Standardization using SOP

By integrating SOPs, maintenance tasks can be streamlined, allowing for improved efficiency, accuracy, and compliance to ensure that maintenance activities are performed consistently and to the highest standard.
Smart apps for manufacturing maintenance planning

Smart Maintenance Planning with integrated Shopfloor.

Get real-time health-check of your machines.

Improve availability and life-span of Assets with modern MES Platform

Use Smart Maintenance Planner for Smart Manufacturing

Boost efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce downtime with our innovative Asset and Machine Maintenance Planner tailored for smart manufacturing.

Ready to maximize asset performance? Discover our Asset & Machine Maintenance Planner today!

Predictive Maintenance

Transition from reactive to proactive maintenance, leveraging predictive analytics to identify potential issues before they lead to costly downtime.

Smart app on tablet for asset maintenance

Maintenance Scheduling

Efficiently schedule maintenance tasks, minimizing disruptions and maximizing asset utilization.


Analyze data to optimize maintenance strategies and enhance overall productivity.

Mobile app for operations managers in manufacturing


Integrate with existing systems for seamless data flow and holistic asset management.

Recurring Maintenance

Kypeco Smart App for tablet for production line maintenance planner

Tailor the solution to fit your specific industry and facility requirements, ensuring maximum value.

Optimize Your Maintenance Planning for Shopfloor with modern MES

Maintenance Planning Software for Manufacturing

Our smart maintenance planning solution streamlines your maintenance processes, reduces downtime, and increases equipment uptime. Say goodbye to unplanned downtime and hello to optimized equipment uptime.

Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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