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Future-proof your manufacturing operations with our MES platform and empower your management team with real-time data insights, seamless collaboration, and streamlined workflows.

Management in Manufacturing is a Data Game. Win it with Smart Solutions.

Take the lead in revolutionizing manufacturing processes by enabling simplified processes and streamlined operations.

Manufacturing Mangers with Kypeco Digital Platform

Simplified Production Workflows

Effortlessly manage and streamline production processes with modern MES.

Real-time Data Driven Insights

Get up-to-the-minute updates and data analysis for informed decision-making.

Elimination of Siloed Data

Access all relevant data and insights in a single system to eliminate siloed data.

Improved Collaboration

Enhanced communication and coordination among team members for better productivity.

Stay in the know with real-time reporting and insights.

Smart MES for Production Management.

Ready to revolutionize the manufacturing process? Kypeco offers an array of powerful features to help you take your production to the next level. With tools for assets management, workflow automation, and more, you can streamline your operations and optimize your output. Explore a digital solution today!

Real-time OEE Monitoring

Real-time OEE Monitoring

Optimize equipment performance with real-time OEE monitoring system, providing detailed insights into your production output.

Monthly Production Board

Monthly Production Board

Plan your production schedule efficiently, make informed decisions, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Optimize the production schedule by automatically scheduling work orders based on priority and resource availability.

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Planning

Minimize downtime and keep equipment running smoothly with maintenance planners, helping you schedule maintenance with ease.

Trend Analysis

Production Trend Analysis

Analyze historical data and identify trends in the manufacturing process to predict future outcomes, optimize workflow.

Failure Reason Reports

Failure Reason Reports

Stay updated with the root causes of failures, minimize disruptions, reduce costs, and improve the reliability of the manufacturing.

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Digital Software.

Automated Reports for faster decision making.

How does Modern software help managers in manufacturing?

Create Production Workflows with Smart Manufacturing Solution, not endless paperwork.

Improve the production and operational processes with simple manufacturing workflow software. Kypeco provides the real-time tracking of production status, and makes communication a breeze. It equips you with Production Management Platform, so you can make smart, data-driven decisions.

Management team in manufacturing using digital tools

Smart Jobs Scheduling Solution

WorkOrder Management

Optimize productivity and product quality by assigning jobs to the most suitable production lines.

Production Capacity Planning

Optimize production capacity by analyzing the real-time production feedback of each line and material to plan jobs accordingly.

Real-time Production Monitoring

Monitor manufacturing productivity with real-time manufacturing insights from Line Dashboards.

Remote Multi-Site Management

Access real-time data for all manufacturing sites remotely with visual factory monitoring. Eliminate the need for emails or phone calls.

Centralize Line Production Boards

Centralize and optimize your manufacturing operations with a dashboard that displays real-time data from all production lines across the site, helping you to increase efficiency.

Centralize Site Level Production Boards

Monitor all production machines across the site with a centralized dashboard to identify overarching issues and find solutions for the worst-performing lines.

Maintenance Planning Solution

Predictive Maintenance

Easily import work orders from your ERP system or create them directly in Kypeco.

MTBF/MTBR Analysis

Improve the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) by analyzing real-time production insights.

Asset Maintenance Planner

Schedule and automate recurring maintenance for assets and analyze their failure rates for each production line, the entire site, or each SKU variant to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce downtime.

Automated Downtime Reports

Analyze the impact of planned and unplanned downtimes on production lines to optimize productivity.

Line Downtime Trend Tracking

Get actionable insights through machine learning (ML) and understand patterns to reduce downtime.

Maintenance Planning Tasks

Create and assign maintenance tasks, and keep the entire team informed about the progress and completion to ensure all necessary steps are followed.

Production and OEE Monitoring

Real-time OEE Monitoring

Track the real-time performance of all production machines with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) dashboards, providing insights into availability, performance, and quality metrics.

Performance Failures Analysis

Identify the main reasons for manufacturing performance failures attributed to the workforce and shopfloor operators.

Availability Failures Analysis

Track critical failure reasons for production lines, machines, and equipment to prevent downtime and boost productivity on the shop floor.

Quality Failures Analysis

Analyze quality failures for each production line or SKU to identify the best and worst performers for specific tasks and minimize waste.

Monthly Production Boards

The calendar-style monthly production board is a favorite among managers, as it visualizes day-by-day production KPIs, without every needing to generate the reports again.

Real-time Production Rate

Make informed decisions with real-time production rate tracking for each line and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Reporting & Analytics Solution

Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Get actionable insights through Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to understand the overall manufacturing performance and identify shortcomings.

Production Trends Analysis

Analyze failure rate, production rate, and hourly trends throughout the day to identify areas for improvement and optimize production.

SKU Failure Analysis

Improve product quality with SKU-specific failure analysis. Intelligent shopfloor reports to identify issues and implement improvements.

Monthly Manufacturing Reports

Optimize manufacturing with monthly automated insights. Analyze performance, identify trends, make data-driven decisions for process optimization.

Quarterly Manufacturing Reports

Automate report generation for higher leadership. Collect data once and generate all reports automatically to avoid siloed data.

Annual Manufacturing Reports

Get yearly reports generated for you as a professional printing press does them. No need to spend time compiling data - we've got you covered!

All benefits for Manufacturing Management

A production management platform for managers to collaborate in a paperless manufacturing environment.


Data Aggregation Levels


Processes Reduced




Unlimited Reports





12+ Planners

Never waste time creating reports manually

Digital Planning is Happiness.

Spend more time in taking smarter data-driven decisions.

Modern MES simplifies the Management in Manufacturing.
Get the Digital tools for seamless Production Planning.

Managers often struggle to effectively stay on top of their team's performance and analyze the production process without digital solutions, which can result in difficulties in decision-making, coordination, and resource allocation.

Smart Software in Production Processes

Identifying bottlenecks to track progress, coordinating work to managing resources; making it difficult for managers to make informed decisions and take corrective action.

Direct Insight into Production Processes

Identify bottlenecks, track progress, and make informed decisions.

Improve Production Team Management

Coordinate work and manage resources, set accountability and motivate the workforce.

Break Siloed Data in Smart Insights

Real-time insights into the underlying causes to take smart decisions, faster.

Team collaboration with digital tools in manufacturing

Smart Software Attracts Younger Workforce in Manufacturing.
They Get Frustrated With Paperwork.

Kypeco provides managers with a comprehensive overview of their manufacturing operations, enabling them to monitor production processes, maintain quality control, manage inventory levels, and have more time for production tasks, all while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Automated Insights without the paperwork

Critical data insights such as failure reasons, trends, equipment utilization, loss and cost analysis, and annual performance. Identify patterns in operations and optimize resources for better improvement.

Increased production visibility

Transparent data allows to identify bottlenecks, track progress, and make informed decisions.

Improved team communication

Improve communication by reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and errors.

Better data analysis

Make informed decisions and take corrective action when needed with Key Metrics.

Smart dashboard in Kypeco for Production Managers

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Smart Apps to keep your Production Digital.

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Lead the digitalization in your manufacturing.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,
we provide you the production insights you need.

Integration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystemIntegration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystem


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Weekly Insights


Monthly Insights


Yearly Insights

Optimize the Process of your Manufacturing Operations with Digital Manufacturing Solution

Smart Software for Smart Factory Management

Our smart manufacturing solution is designed to optimize your production process, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to smarter manufacturing.

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