Smart manufacturing solution (MES) with smart reports

Automated Manufacturing Reports
with ChatGPT.

Get digital reports from all areas of manufacturing - Production, Shopfloor, WorkOrders, Operations - automatically. Generating manually in Excel is so 2010.

Teams using Production Optimization with Automated Reports and Insights

Automated Shopfloor reports

Shift, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports are delivered to your inbox automatically. Don't waste time creating them.

Stunning Executive Reports to Impress!

Create data-driven and visually stunning reports that captivate your audience.

Unified manufacturing platform for reporting

Integrated insights from all areas of manufacturing are combined in one report. Don't waste time reading several Excel sheets.

A modern Digital Manufacturing Platform to access real-time or scheduled reports from all areas of manufacturing.

Break siloed data and generate intelligent production report automatically

Smart Shopfloor Reports with ML and AI

Data-driven insights driven by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate smart manufacturing reports automatically.

Kypeco MES with Machine Learning for Automated Production Insights and Analytics

Save hundreds of hours each month chasing siloed data. Our Manufacturing Solution can do that with a click.

It takes 15 seconds to check a social media notification and it takes lesser to generate a monthly production report. No kidding. Try Modern MES today.

Generate Beautiful Professional Reports using Modern Manufacturing Solution

Intelligent Reports Automated. With zero paperwork.

Power of Smart Reports with modern MES

Embedded Intelligence in Reports

Leverage smart reporting to gain valuable insights and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Future-Ready Plan at manufacturing

Data-driven Shopfloor Reports

Develop a data-driven and future-ready plan to achieve your manufacturing goals and stay ahead of the curve.

Respond Proactively

Real-time Production Reports

Monitor progress in real-time and respond proactively with the latest MES reporting system in Kypeco.

Power of AI and ML with MES

Power of AI and ML in Reports

Unlock the power of AI and ML to optimize your manufacturing processes and drive continuous improvement.

Strategic Plan at manufacturing with Kypeco

Strategic Planning Reports

Create a strategic plan to achieve your manufacturing goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Faster decision-making with Kypeco MES

Transformation Reports

Enable faster and more informed decision-making with real-time information and analytics.

250+ days

Save productive days yearly with automated reports.

That's just by not entering data manually.

Manufacturing Reports should be analyzed. Not created.

We automate them to you inbox, on time, without fail.

Get Daily Reports delivered to you, like the Daily Newspaper. Without writing the news.

Why spend hours to get to the root cause of the problem?

Automate Failure Reasons Analysis Reports

Modern Failure Reasons analysis for Shopfloor Management

Root Cause Identification

Identify the root of failures by analyzing data recorded, such as machine performance & availability, measurement data, or human error.

Big Six Reason Analysis

Breaks down the most common causes of failures into three categories: Performance, Availability and Quality; to prioritize actions.

Risk Reduction Strategies

Identify and implement strategies, such as improving quality control procedures, enhancing training programs, and reducing material waste.

Continuous Improvement

Optimize production processes by identifying areas for improvement by running recommended process optimization programs.

Gain insights of your production process with Big Data Reports for Manufacturing.

Understand failure trends in real-time without paying huge consulting cost

Manufacturing Trend Analysis Reports

Smart applications for Manufacturing Trend Analysis

Demand Forecasting

Eliminate tedious paperwork & keep workers engaged at production.

Identify Inefficiencies

Explore areas where production can be optimized.

Maintenance Reports

Setup proactive repairs and reduced downtime.

Quality Control Reports

Identify patterns in quality control data and correct them.

Generate Reports with two options: One-Click or Automated. Both save hours.

Automated insights of time, material and value lost in the inefficiencies.

Manufacturing Shopfloor Loss and Cost Analysis

Manufacturing loss and cost analysis with Kypeco Modern MES

Reduce Operational Losses

Equipment performance, and operator behavior will help to identify issues that contribute to production losses.

Reduce Production Waste

Analyzing data on material usage, Kypeco can help businesses optimize their processes and reduce waste.

Reduce Machine Downtime

Take proactive measures to prevent downtimes and improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs.

Solution for

Optimized production, improved efficiency, and increased profitability – all with a nextGen MES.

Re-defining Manufacturing Workplaces for
Modern Workforce

Transform your workplace for a smarter, more efficient tomorrow.

What are the smart MES applications?

Smart apps and devices for modern manufacturing workplaces

Daily production reports for shift meetings

Real-Time Shopfloor Reports

Critical data insights such as failure reasons, trends, equipment utilization, loss and cost analysis, and annual performance. Identify patterns in operations and optimize resources for better improvement.

Kypeco will help you to set the patterns into a feedback loop, to make continuous improvements for better performance and reduce costs.

Daily Shopfloor Reports

No more siloed.
It’s real-time data.

Make better decisions using centralized real-time insights easily accessible to all teams.


Automated Key-Insights

Real-time insights for critical data visibility with Kypeco

Root Cause Analysis

Streamline process and eliminate guesswork - find bottlenecks faster and act proactively!

Resource Planning and Budgeting

Efficiently allocate resources and optimize the new budget with annual loss and cost analysis.

digital Shift Handover Reports

Uncover Trends
with Digital Reports

Analyze over 50 reports offered by a digital reporting system, providing deeper insights into operations and critical data points. Give a personal touch by customized branding available, and share with colleagues and management, leading to informed business decisions.

We handle your manufacturing report generation so you can focus on what really matters - boosting your production!

Hourly Trends Historically

Export to PDF.
or Send via an Email

Want an eco-friendly option? Export to PDF for paperless, or send via an email. It's your choice!

<15 sec

All Insights and Analytics

Kypeco shows trends with digital reports to the manufacturers

One-click Reports

Instantly access reports with a single click - no more calculations and doc formatting.

Automated Reports

Now you can forget to send the monthly reports on time. Let modern MES do it for you!

Global technology benchmark - An INTERESTING OBSERVATION

The 3B Maturity Benchmark is a way to evaluate the performance of factories and plants, comparing them to the best-in-class, the average, and those that are behind in the manufacturing industry. It serves as a standard for the global manufacturing community.

Most companies (90%) struggle with the Technology aspect (aka Building Block), as per the SIRI Framework and RAMI 4.0 standards. These companies perform better in Process and Organization, which are the other two main blocks of the framework. In the Technology section, these companies score an average of 1 Band or less as compared to the other 9 dimensions, indicating that Technology has much room for improvement.

Revamp Your Reporting - Unlock Time-Saving Efficiency with Advanced MES Technology

Automated Reports: copy notes from your friends - AI & ML. Like ChatGPT.

Kypeco helps easy shift handover with digital insights

Daily Production
Planning Reports

Simplify your day with customizable end of day reports that summarize daily activities and plan for the next.

Get weekly production board

Weekly Production Reports

Stay on top of your week with insightful weekly reports that provide valuable insights into your operations.

calendar view of production boards of modern MES solution

Monthly Analytics Reports

Evaluate performance and identify trends with customizable monthly reports that provide a comprehensive overview of your operations.

Yearly production board for Executives in manufacturing

Yearly Manufacturing Project Reports

Plan for the future with high-level yearly reports that enable you to evaluate your performance over the course of a year and set goals for the next.

Want to call it a day, but struggling with data on Excel?

Check reports on phone, over Email or Microsoft Teams.

Unlock a world of actionable insights with our automated reporting solution

Visually stunning Production Reports your team will be eager to read

Say goodbye to manual report generation and focus on key areas with our AI-powered reports.

Don’t want to waste countless hours creating reports manually - try Kypeco today!

Automated Manufacturing Reports

Kypeco provides industry-specific, standardized reports with unmatched precision and accuracy. Get reliable and detailed insights and make informed decisions with ease.

Kypeco's smart phone app for manufacturers to read reports

Smart Analytics with Machine Learning and AI

Provides real-time insights, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly.

On-click Reports

Saves valuable time and resources, eliminating the need for manual report generation.

Smart watch app for production monitoring

Customizable Reports

Kypeco offers customizable reports that can be tailored to specific business needs.

Beautiful Production Reports

Smart tablet app for reporting dashboards

A user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to navigate and understand their data.

Automated Production Reporting Solution embedded with the Modern MES

Intelligent Production Reports with ML and AI

Our automated reporting solution utilizes machine learning and AI to generate real-time insights, optimize your operations, and reduce errors. Gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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