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Modernizing Construction Manufacturing with MES. Revolutionizing Building Productivity.

Construction and Building Products Manufacturing faces significant challenges with manual processes, paperwork, low OEE, and a lack of digital automation. These issues often result in lower productivity, increased production costs, and missed deadlines. The manufacturing industry is ripe for digital transformation and Industry 4.0 concepts to optimize production processes and improve efficiency.

By adopting smart manufacturing software like Kypeco MES, construction manufacturers can automate manual processes, reduce errors, increase productivity, and optimize resources. Kypeco also enables manufacturers to gain end-to-end manufacturing visibility, automate all reports without manual paperwork, and embrace digital transformation to progress toward smart industry readiness.
By embracing digital transformation, Construction, and Building Products Manufacturing can improve their OEE, reduce downtime, improve quality, and attract a younger workforce to the industry. With Kypeco MES, manufacturers can eliminate siloed data and technical debt, remove tedious manual tasks, and embrace the future of construction manufacturing.

Smart Factory Software: The missing link between Strategy and Execution.

Empower Your Operations with Industry 4.0 Software and Smart App Solutions

Leave behind the limitations of paper and whiteboards and enter the era of digital transformation, where smart and modern MES apps empower teams with real-time data, upgraded processes, and enhanced decision-making.

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Future-Proof Manufacturing Operations

Advanced futuristic MES technologies transform production processes, increase efficiency, and overall performance with digital manufacturing.

Adopt Cloud and Industrial Technology

Connected digital cloud ecosystem, enabling real-time monitoring, & seamless MES integration across  operations.

Re-evaluate Production Processes

Take a holistic approach to re-evaluating production processes, analyzing every step to identify bottlenecks with the MES.

Experiment Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights and drive continuous improvement across  operations by experimenting with data-driven MES.

Digitalize Your Operations With Smart Apps. - Kypeco MES

Turbocharge your Efficiency. Boost Performance, Availability, and Quality

With the MES, unleash the full potential of your operations by optimizing performance, availability, and quality. Enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and ensure consistent delivery of high-quality products.

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Implement Robust Line Monitoring Solutions

Take your line efficiency monitoring to the next level with modern MES, ensuring real-time visibility into production processes.

Real-time Production Line Dashboard

Track performance, failures, and optimize operations to maximize productivity with digital production line dashboards.

Shopfloor Production Pacing Board

With our modern MES, you can set clear targets, monitor progress, and ensure a smooth workflow to meet production.

Failure Reasons Dashboard

Identify recurring issues, diagnose root causes, and implement preventive measures with the MES.

Boost Your Overall Efficiency - with Kypeco MES

Embrace NextGen Tech. Attract and Retain Millennials with Paperwork-Free Solutions

Unlock the potential of the next generation by offering a modern MES tech-savvy work environment. Embrace digital manufacturing workflows and eliminate the frustrations associated with paperwork and attract younger workforce.

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Embrace Paperless Solutions

By going paperless with a Manufacturing Execution Systems, Reduce the costs associated with printing, storing, and managing paper documents.

Build for Younger Workforce

Cater to the needs of younger employees with tech-enabled systems. Enhance efficiency by going digital.

Outlook for Manufacturing

Adopt a visionary outlook for manufacturing. Embrace modern MES emerging trends and technologies to drive growth and success.

Mobile Accessibility

Adopt digital mobile-friendly solutions to cater to the preferences of younger employees.

Attract Younger Workforce with NextGen Tech with Kypeco MES

Empower Asset Strategy. Private Assistant Provides MTBF, MTTR, MTTF Insights

Enhance asset management with a dedicated private modern manufacturing execution assistant. Utilize MTBF, MTTR, and MTTF insights to improve reliability and minimize downtime with MES in construction and building products manufacturing.

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Performance Metrics for Assets

Drive operational excellence and improve ROI through modern MES and data-driven asset management strategies fueled by insightful metrics.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

Enhance maintenance efficiency by tracking MTBF, enabling proactive measures for reduced downtime with our MES.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Enhance equipment uptime by tracking MTTR with our MES, enabling faster resolutions and improved performance.

Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)

Maximize equipment reliability by monitoring MTTF, enabling timely maintenance interventions and minimizing downtime.

Streamline Work Order Management.

Efficient Work Order Scheduling. Built-in Smart Scheduler with ML and AI

Take control of work order management with an advanced smart digital MES scheduler powered by ML and AI, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing output.

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Insight-Driven Work Order Scheduling

Achieve optimal work order scheduling outcomes by adopting advanced manufacturing execution system and digital transformation.

Flexible Visualization Options

Tailor our smart work order visualization for seamless tracking and improved task management, fostering operational efficiency.

Effortless Scheduling

Simplify work order scheduling with our effortless automation, maximizing productivity and minimizing delays.

Seamless ERP & E-Commerce Integration

Integrate work order management with our digital ERP & E-commerce platform for updated operations.

Streamline Work Order Management.

Digital Software Tools for Construction and Building Products Industry.

Automate Manufacturing Process in the Production.

Seamlessly Plan and Schedule Maintenance for Smooth Operations.

Achieve seamless maintenance operations through effective planning and scheduling, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing disruptions for enhanced productivity. Adopt our digital manufacturing transformation platform.

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Interactive Maintenance Planning

Optimize maintenance planning with our MES visual insights, optimizing task coordination and resource allocation for enhanced operational efficiency.

Gantt & Calendar Views

Enhancing operational effectiveness, simplifying work order tracking and scheduling in our MES Gantt & calendar.

Set Recurring Maintenance

Optimize operations with digital manufacturing recurring maintenance task management.

Breakdown Maintenance SOPs

Optimize breakdown maintenance with standardized operating procedures with our MES.

Plan and Schedule For Seamless Operations.

Empower Data-Driven Decisions. Automated and Real-Time Reports, No Delays

Say goodbye to delays with our automated and real-time MES reports, providing instant access to accurate data, empowering efficient analysis and action with our digital platform.

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Go Digital, Ditch Paper & Boards

Embrace a paperless revolution, leveraging automated reports to eliminate paperwork and whiteboards for efficient operations.

For Manufacturing Operations Teams

With our MES, enhance visibility and performance tracking for manufacturing teams with automated reporting solutions.

For Business Transformation Leaders

Optimize decision-making and agility with paperless solutions tailored for business transformation leaders.

For Financial Executives

Optimize financial decisions with intuitive reporting interfaces, providing financial executives with actionable insights.

Automated and Real-Time Reports.

Streamline Collaboration with teams. Unlock Transparency, Centralize Data

With the help of our MES, break down silos and promote collaboration through a transparent and centralized data ecosystem, fostering innovation and synergy across teams in Constructions and Buildings products manufacturing.

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Breakdown Data Barriers

Unlock the power of interconnected data by removing silos, empowering organisations with a holistic view and collaborative synergy.

Digital Collaboration

Drive collaboration with digital platforms that offer intuitive features and facilitate team interaction.

A Solution with Inclusion

Drive diversity of thought by creating a solution that brings together data from various sources for comprehensive insights.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Promote excellence by establishing a feedback loop that encourages regular input, analysis, and refinement.

Enhance Collaboration Across Teams.

Data-Driven Decision-Making. Unlocking Manufacturing Potential with digital tech.

With our digital manufacturing platform, transform your manufacturing data into a strategic asset, enabling data-driven decisions that lead to improved productivity and profitability.

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Intelligent Manufacturing Decision

Unlock the potential of manufacturing data to drive strategic decision-making and optimize operations with our MES platform.

Root Cause Identification

Drive continuous improvement by identifying root causes of manufacturing defects and implementing corrective measures.

Production Trend Analysis

Track production trends to identify opportunities with digital MES for process improvement and increased productivity.

Optimize Costs & Minimize Loss

Achieve cost efficiencies through lean manufacturing principles, minimizing waste, and maximizing value-added activities.

Unlock the potential of your manufacturing data to make informed decisions

Tailor-Made Digital MES Solution. Your Branding, Locale, and Optimized Workflows

Optimize efficiency and streamline operations with a white-label MES platform designed to fit your organization's branding and workflow needs.

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Adapt to Your digital Manufacturing Methods

Adapt Kypeco to fit your unique manufacturing processes and workflows, empowering you to improve efficiency and drive business growth.

Benchmark Production KPIs & OEE

Analyze production KPIs and OEE to optimize resource allocation and enhance productivity with the digital MES.

Branding & Language Localization

Adapt the Kypeco platform to showcase your brand and support localized languages.

Customize SKUs, Failures & Assets

Facilitate effective equipment maintenance, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

A White-Label MES Platform At Your Disposal. Your Branding. Your Locale. Your Workflows.


Real-time Production Data Points.

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Construction & Building Products Manufacturing Standards.

Bespoke Solution for Modern Manufacturing

How does a modern Manufacturing Execution System solve the Top Challenges in Construction & Building Products Manufacturing Industry?

Business Challenges

How does Kypeco solve this and help in the Digital Transformation

Data Acquisition and Entry

Lack of real-time data visibility

Real-Time Error Detection

Real-time validation detects and alerts for data errors, ensuring data accuracy and maintaining visibility, and helps solve the lack of real-time data visibility challenges.

Inconsistent and inaccurate data

Data Profiling and Analysis

Analyzing data patterns and profiles help identify and rectify inconsistencies for improved accuracy.

Siloed data

Data Quality Assurance

To solve the problem of siloed data, Kypeco ensures consistent data quality across systems, facilitating accurate and reliable data acquisition and entry.

Lack of traceability

Integration with Tracking Systems

Kypeco integrates with external tracking systems, enhancing traceability across data sources and helping solve the lack of traceability challenges.

Production Planning, Scheduling and Optimization

Inefficient production processes

Continuous Production Monitoring

Continuously monitors production processes with the help of our MES, detecting anomalies and taking corrective actions in real-time.

Inability to quickly respond to changes in demand

Rapid Order Processing

Kypeco upgrade order processing, reducing lead times and enabling faster response to changes in demand, helps solve the inability to respond quickly to changes in demand.

Easy access to real-time insights

Predictive maintenance

Kypeco's predictive maintenance features reduce downtime and improve production efficiency, supporting process optimization.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Real-time alerts and notifications

Our real-time alerts and notifications keep stakeholders informed of production issues, enabling timely action and bottleneck resolution.

Shopfloor Monitoring, maintenance and Control

Inefficient maintenance management

Real-time monitoring

Our real-time monitoring features enable organizations to track equipment health and maintenance activities, improving maintenance efficiency.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Kypeco monitors equipment status in real-time, enabling proactive maintenance and minimizing potential bottlenecks.

Increased waste and scrap

Automated defect detection

Our automated defect detection capabilities enable organizations to identify defects early and reduce waste caused by rework or scrapped materials.

Inability to track production costs

Cost Allocation Automation

Kypeco automates the allocation of costs to specific production processes and activities, ensuring precise tracking, helps in solving inability to track production costs challenges.

Talent Attraction And retention

Loss of competitiveness

Continuous Learning Opportunities

Kypeco helps solve this challenge by promoting a culture of continuous learning, and providing employees with opportunities to enhance their skills.

Difficulty in attracting skilled workforce

Successful Future Planning

Kypeco enables organizations to plan for future talent needs, attract and develop talent, enhancing skilled workforce retention and attraction.

Difficulty in retaining experienced workforce

Digital Employee Surveys

Employee surveys enable organizations to gather employee feedback and identify opportunities for improvement, helping in solving retaining experienced workforce challenges.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Talent development

Kypeco's digital capabilities help to develop employees' skills and abilities, addressing bottlenecks and enhancing talent retention.

Process Improvements, Team Collaboration and strategic decision making

Lack of collaboration across departments

Unified data platform

Our unified data platform enables organizations to access and share data across departments, and helps in solving this challenge.

High manual labor costs

Labor Cost Optimization

Kypeco's process automation minimizes manual tasks, reducing labor costs and enhancing efficiency across operations.

Inability to track production costs

Cost-benefit analysis

Our digital capabilities evaluate the costs and benefits of different production processes, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Slow decision making

On-the-go Decisions with Mobile Access

Kypeco's mobile access capabilities enable decision-makers to access data and make decisions on the go, enhancing decision-making speed and agility.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions for your Modern Manufacturing Roadmap

Smart Software for Construction & Building Products Manufacturing

Our tailored solutions for the Construction & Building Products industry digitalize your processes and increase efficiency, providing you with a competitive edge.

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