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Advancing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with MES. Efficiency Meets Compliance.

The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry often struggles with manual processes, paperwork, siloed data, low OEE, and a lack of modern software, which leads to technical debt and slows down progress. Without digital automation, the workforce can struggle to focus on manufacturing and achieving production goals, and compliance can become a challenge.

Kypeco MES is a comprehensive software solution that addresses these challenges and optimizes Pharmaceutical Manufacturing processes. With Kypeco MES, manufacturers can improve OEE, improve quality, reduce downtime, remove paperwork, and automate reports. It enables manufacturers to use advanced technologies like ML and AI to monitor and improve processes, digitalize the manufacturing processes, and attract a younger workforce. Kypeco MES is a vital tool in advancing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and enabling the industry to embrace digital transformation and Industry 4.0 concepts. With Kypeco MES, manufacturers can gain end-to-end visibility and control over their supply chain, optimize resources, and achieve greater agility while remaining compliant. Ultimately, Kypeco MES is a key step in progressing towards Smart Industry Readiness and driving innovation in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry.

Smart Factory Software: The missing link between Strategy and Execution.

Go Paperless and Optimize Efficiency with Digital Manufacturing Solutions

With our MES smart apps, you can take your operations to the next level by digitalizing your workflows and automating tedious tasks. Say goodbye to paper-based systems and hello to a more optimized, efficient future.

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manufacturing workforce manager
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Enter into the Future of Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is all about digitalization & automation. Embrace the latest MES technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Adopt Cloud and Industrial Technology

Cloud and industrial tech can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity, keeping manufacturers ahead of the competition.

Re-evaluate Production Processes

Modern MES Re-evaluate Production Processes or regular process reviews can keep manufacturing operation lean.

Experiment Data-Driven Decisions

Using our MES data-driven decisions can help optimize supply chain, reduce costs, and improve overall growth.

Digitalize Your Operations With Smart Apps. - Kypeco MES

Fuel Performance, Availability, Quality.Drive Efficiency to New Heights

Improving your overall efficiency can help reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance your competitive edge. Focus on performance, availability, and quality to achieve your goals with the modern MES.

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manufacturing workforce manager
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Enhance Line Efficiency Monitoring Capabilities

Modern MES line efficiency monitoring can improve productivity, enhance quality, and reduce costs.

Real-time Production Line Dashboard

Digital MES allows manufacturers to track progress, identify trends, and optimize production schedules.

Shopfloor Production Pacing Board

Our MES Pacing boards provide a centralized location for managing production activities and resources.

Failure Reasons Dashboard

With the help of digital MES, identify opportunities to enhance production processes.

Boost Your Overall Efficiency - with Kypeco MES

Win Over Younger Workforce with NextGen Tech and attract them with Paperless Processes

Paper-based processes can be frustrating for younger workers who are used to using digital technology to get things done. By adopting next-gen modern MES tech, manufacturers can reduce frustration and improve engagement.

manufacturing workforce operator
manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Embrace the Digital Era

Improve collaboration among team members, suppliers, and customers, leading to better outcomes with our modern paperless MES solutions.

Build for Younger Workforce

A digital workplace that values teamwork, and innovation can build a culture that appeals to younger workers with the MES.

Outlook for Manufacturing

As the world becomes more connected, the outlook for manufacturing is expanding, with new MES opportunities for global collaboration.

Mobile Accessibility

Improve safety, and quality by enabling workers to report incidents, complete checklists with our mobile digital platform.

Attract Younger Workforce with NextGen Tech with Kypeco MES

Elevate Asset Performance. Private Assistant Unlocks MTBF, MTTR, MTTF Insights

By utilizing MTBF, MTTR, and MTTF insights, manufacturers can optimize maintenance activities, reduce equipment downtime, and improve asset longevity and they can do it with the help of advanced MES platform.

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manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Asset Efficiency Metrics

Data-driven decisions informed by asset performance data can enhance customer experience and improve  business outcomes with digital technology.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

Reduce the risk of unplanned downtime, minimize repair costs, and improve overall asset performance with our digital platform.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Prioritize repairs based on the criticality of the equipment, reducing the impact on production with our MES platform.

Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)

Identify the root causes of equipment failures and implement preventive measures to minimize downtime with our MES.

Streamline Work Order Management.

Upgrade Work Order Management. Streamline Operations with Built-in Smart Scheduler

Leveraging ML and AI in work order management, gain real-time visibility into equipment performance and take proactive measures to improve productivity with the help of our digital MES platform in pharmaceuticals industry.

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manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Intelligent Work Order Scheduling

Data-driven work order scheduling helps in reducing the frequency of equipment breakdowns, improving overall growth with digital transformation.

Flexible Visualization Options

With our flexible visualization MES options, create data dashboards that are tailored to specific needs and objectives.

Effortless Scheduling

Automate the scheduling process with our MES and improve  productivity, reducing manual work and increasing accuracy.

Seamless ERP & E-Commerce Integration

Enable faster data access, enhance data sharing, optimize work order & improve data consistency with our MES technology.

Streamline Work Order Management.

Digital Software Tools for Semiconductor Industry.

Automate Manufacturing Process in the Production.

Make Maintenance smooth with Effective Planning and Scheduling

Simplify maintenance processes, improve equipment reliability, and reduce maintenance costs with automated maintenance planning and scheduling and achieve overall performance and growth with our MES platform in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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manufacturing workforce manager
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Visual Maintenance Planning

Boost maintenance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve equipment uptime with our digital visual planning tool that update operations.

Gantt & Calendar Views

In our digital platform, make maintenance a breeze with Gantt and calendar views for visual asset management.

Set Recurring Maintenance

Ensure timely and consistent maintenance with our digital recurring maintenance schedules.

Breakdown Maintenance SOPs

Reduce costs and minimize downtime with smart procedures for breakdown maintenance in our digital MES.

Plan and Schedule For Seamless Operations.

Empower Productivity. Automated and Real-Time Reports, Always Accessible

Keep your finger on the pulse of your operations with the help our digital manufacturing execution system platform for automated and real-time reporting, providing accurate and reliable data.

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Say Goodbye to Paper and Boards

Improve bottom line with our modern paperless platform, reducing costs associated with paper and manual processes.

For Manufacturing Operations Teams

Quality control and reduce defects with digital platform that enables real-time monitoring help manufacturing operations.

For Business Transformation Leaders

Simplify complex business transformation operations and unlock hidden potential and improve your bottom line with smart MES.

For Financial Executives

Use real-time data to assess and improve the financial performance of manufacturing operations.

Automated and Real-Time Reports.

Transparent Data, Unified Teams. Maximizing Collaboration Across Departments

Update team collaboration and optimize decision-making with comprehensive data insights, reducing inefficiencies with the help of our MES platform’s Transparent and Centralized Data.

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Break Free from Data Silos

Improve cross-functional collaboration with transparent and centralized data platform, facilitating better communication and alignment.

Digital Collaboration

Real-time visibility, insights and updates for better collaboration, decision-making, and problem-solving.

A Solution with Inclusion

Strengthen diverse teams with access all the insights, driving productivity and growth with centralized MES dashboards.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Improve growth and optimize results with a modern MES feedback loop that enables real-time data and refinements.

Enhance Collaboration Across Teams.

Unlock Manufacturing Potential & Harness Data Insights for Informed Decisions

Empower your team with the insights they need to make data-driven decisions, from production planning to maintenance and beyond with the help of our digital manufacturing execution system.

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manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Informed Manufacturing Decisions

Enhance operational visibility with real-time production data and insights, driving better decision-making and performance.

Root Cause Identification

Pinpoint the underlying reasons for problems with this platform, improving performance across manufacturing operations.

Production Trend Analysis

Leverage trend analysis to identify potential issues and make proactive improvements to the process.

Optimize Costs & Minimize Loss

Optimize production processes to minimize loss and maximize efficiency, reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Unlock the potential of your manufacturing data to make informed decisions

Tailor-Made Advance white label MES Solution. Your Branding, Locale, Workflows.

Brand and customize Kypeco MES to your business needs. Minimize training with user-friendly interfaces and upgrade system integration with updated terminology.

manufacturing workforce operator
manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Modify to Fit Your Manufacturing Procedures

Optimize your manufacturing operations with Kypeco's tailored solution, designed to meet your specific requirements and drive productivity gains.

Benchmark Production KPIs & OEE

Use Kypeco's analytics capabilities to monitor OEE, identify bottlenecks, and optimize throughput.

Branding & Language Localization

Customize our MES platform with your own branding, logo, and language.

Customize SKUs, Failures & Assets

Effortlessly customize SKU, failure, and asset fields for more efficient workflows and easy integration.

A White-Label MES Platform At Your Disposal. Your Branding. Your Locale. Your Workflows.


Real-time Production Data Points.

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Standards

Bespoke Solution for Modern Manufacturing

How does a modern Manufacturing Execution System solve the Top Challenges in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry?

Business Challenges

How does Kypeco solve this and help in the Digital Transformation

Data Acquisition and Entry

Lack of real-time data visibility

Up-to-the-minute data reporting

Kypeco's data visualization tools provide clear and concise insights, enabling organizations to quickly identify patterns and trends.

Inconsistent and inaccurate data

Auditing and monitoring

Kypeco's data auditing and monitoring capabilities enable organizations to maintain consistent and accurate data.

Siloed data

Synthesized data environment

Kypeco's advanced search capabilities enable teams to quickly find and access relevant data, reducing the impact of data silos.

Lack of traceability

Data mapping

Improving traceability from Kypeco's data mapping features enables organizations to visualize and track the flow of data.

Production Planning, Scheduling and Optimization

Inefficient production processes

Production Planning Optimization

Kypeco optimizes production planning processes to maximize efficiency and minimize waste, which helps in inefficient production processes.

Inability to quickly respond to changes in demand

Agile production processes

Our MES enables organizations to rapidly adapt production processes to meet changing demand and reduce time to market.

Inability to optimize production

Production scheduling

Our capabilities optimize production schedules, reducing lead times and improving efficiency, helping in the inability to optimize production.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Lean manufacturing

This approach helps organizations identify and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies through process optimization and waste reduction.

Shopfloor Monitoring, maintenance and Control

Inefficient maintenance management

Maintenance scheduling

Kypeco's scheduling features enable organizations to schedule maintenance efficiently, optimizing maintenance resources and reducing downtime.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Maintenance Planning and Execution

Kypeco help plan and execute maintenance tasks more efficiently, and identify bottlenecks in production.

Increased waste and scrap

Production simulation

Enable organizations to test and optimize production processes, reducing waste and scrap caused by process inefficiencies.

Inability to track production costs

Financial reporting

Our reporting capabilities enable organizations to generate financial reports that provide detailed information on production costs, facilitating cost tracking

Talent Attraction And retention

Loss of competitiveness

Enhance Employee Engagement

Kypeco's employee engagement features enable organizations to create a motivated and engaged workforce, enhancing competitiveness.

Difficulty in attracting a skilled workforce

Remote work capabilities

Enable organizations to offer remote work options, enhancing the attraction of a skilled workforce and expanding the talent pool.

Difficulty in retaining experienced workforce

Learning and development

Kypeco's capabilities enable organizations to provide employees with relevant learning opportunities, enhancing employees' experienced skills and retention.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Production Analytic and Bottleneck Identification

Kypeco's features enable organizations to analyze production data, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions for talent retention.

Process Improvements, Team Collaboration and strategic decision making

Lack of collaboration across departments

Cross-functional teams

Enable to create teams consisting of employees from different departments, enhancing collaboration across departments.

High manual labor costs

Enhance Workflow management

Kypeco's capabilities enable organizations to manage workflows and tasks effectively, reducing manual labor costs.

High manual labor costs

Shared project management for cost tracking

Enable organizations to manage projects collaboratively, track production costs, and enhance cross-functional collaboration.

Slow decision making

Data visualization makes decisions faster

Kypeco's data visualization capabilities enable organizations to visualize data and make informed decisions quickly, helping to fasten-up up decision-making.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions for Your Modern Manufacturing Journey

MES for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Our tailored solutions for the pharmaceuticals industry digitalize your processes and increase efficiency, providing you with a competitive edge.

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