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Manual Processes and Paperwork Burden Manufacturing Industry. Revolutionizing with Modern MES.

Manufacturing industries face various challenges that result in inefficiencies, missed deadlines, and quality issues. Manual processes, paperwork, and siloed data are some of the major pain points that result in increased production costs and lost revenue. The lack of modern software and automation increases technical debt and slows down progress, while the workforce struggles to focus on manufacturing in the absence of digital tools.

However, modern digital solutions are transforming the manufacturing industry by optimizing production processes and improving efficiency. Manufacturers today use software solutions to monitor production lines, identify bottlenecks, and automate repetitive tasks, making the team more efficient and attracting the younger workforce. By adopting Kypeco, manufacturers can reduce errors, increase productivity, optimize resources, and automate reports without manual paperwork.
Smart software solutions have become a necessity for companies that want to improve OEE and quality and reduce downtime. The use of ML and AI helps manufacturers gain end-to-end manufacturing visibility and make data-driven decisions. By digitalizing their manufacturing processes, manufacturers can achieve greater agility, attract a younger workforce, and progress toward smart industry readiness.

Smart Factory Software: The missing link between Strategy and Execution.

Digitalize Your Operations With Smart Apps. Not On Papers Or Whiteboards.

Manufacturing teams face challenges with inventory management, quality control, and process optimization. Digitalization can help streamline workflows and improve productivity, but requires a shift in mindset towards technology adoption.

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Step into the Future of Manufacturing

Discover efficient, lean operations, automated reports, reduced costs, and swift production for a competitive edge.

Adopt Cloud and Industrial Technology

Embrace IoT, AI, and cloud computing to automate, streamline processes, and boost overall manufacturing efficiency.

Re-evaluate Production Processes

Analyze and refine processes, pinpoint improvement areas, and minimize waste for optimal performance.

Experiment Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage Smart Digital Solutions to enhance efficiency and thrive in a rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape.

Digitalize Your Operations With Smart Apps. - Kypeco MES

Boost Your Overall Efficiency. Performance * Availability * Quality

To succeed in today's business world, it's essential to maximize efficiency and productivity. By improving performance, availability, and quality, you can stay ahead of the competition and you can do it with our MES.

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Better Overall Line Efficiency Monitoring

Monitor line efficiency in real-time, gaining insights on equipment usage, cycle time, OEE, and more.

Real-time Production Line Dashboard

Track assembly line live status, production rate, cycle time, quality control, and OEE.

Shopfloor Production Pacing Board

Display production targets, good production, waste, downtime, and line performance.

Failure Reasons Dashboard

Identify root causes of production failures, downtime, and equipment issues.

Boost Your Overall Efficiency - with Kypeco MES

Attract Younger Workforce with NextGen Tech. They Get Frustrated With Paperwork.

Younger workers are often more comfortable using technology, and by adopting our latest MES, create a more modern, dynamic workplace that attracts and retains top talent.

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Go Paperless!

By going paperless with a Manufacturing Execution Systems, Reduce the costs associated with printing, storing, and managing paper documents.

Build for Younger Workforce

Build a workplace that attracts and engages younger workers with modern MES technology and flexible work arrangements.

Outlook for Manufacturing

Outlook for manufacturing is strong, with advances in technology, automation, and innovation driving growth and productivity in automotive industry.

Mobile Accessibility

Creating a digital MES workplace that is mobile-friendly, accessible, and user-friendly can help attract younger workers.

Attract Younger Workforce with NextGen Tech with Kypeco MES

Your Private Assistant In Asset Management. With MTBF, MTTR And MTTF Insights.

Utilize key metrics for insights on production asset performance, enabling proactive maintenance improvements, reduced downtime, and enhanced production efficiency.

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Assets Management Metrics

Monitor equipment utilization, maintenance effectiveness, and optimize asset usage by tracking and evaluating asset performance.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

Assess asset availability and reliability to determine the frequency of production asset failures and improve uptime.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Evaluate average repair time for failed equipment, aiming to minimize downtime and resume normal operations quickly.

Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)

Determine average operational time before equipment failure to enhance machinery longevity and reduce breakdowns.

Streamline Work Order Management.

Streamline Work Order Management. Use Built-in Smart Scheduler with ML and AI.

Leverage advanced scheduling and resource allocation for optimized production, enabling real-time monitoring and control of work orders from start to finish.

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manufacturing workforce manager
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Data-Driven Work Order Scheduling

Simplify scheduling with historical data, making data-driven decisions based on past performance and resource availability.

Flexible Visualization Options

Choose from Agile Board, Gantt Style, Spreadsheet View, and Daily/Weekly/Monthly Calendar Styles for convenience.

Effortless Scheduling

Utilize suggested schedules to complete work orders on or before the predicted time, increasing efficiency.

Seamless ERP & E-Commerce Integration

Integrate with ERP systems, import work orders in CSV, or create them on-the-fly within the platform for streamlined operations.

Streamline Work Order Management.

Digital Software Tools for Manufacturing Industry.

Automate Manufacturing Process in the Production.

Make Maintenance A Breeze. Plan and Schedule For Seamless Operations.

Streamline maintenance planning and scheduling with an intuitive solution to keep production running smoothly, minimize downtime, and enhance overall efficiency through well-organized maintenance plans.

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Visual Maintenance Planning

Use a visual tool to plan, schedule, and track maintenance activities, streamlining efforts, improving communication, and reducing downtime.

Gantt & Calendar Views

Visualize planned maintenance with weekly/monthly Gantt and Calendar Style displays.

Set Recurring Maintenance

Save time by scheduling recurring patterns for routine maintenance tasks.

Breakdown Maintenance SOPs

Establish SOPs for breakdown maintenance of equipment, machinery, and facilities.

Plan and Schedule For Seamless Operations.

Automated and Real-Time Reports. No More Delays. This Platform Is Never Busy.

Gain a competitive edge with real-time, automated production reports from Kypeco, enabling informed and effective decision-making based on accurate data.

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No Papers. No Whiteboards.

Generate actionable, data-driven reports regularly for valuable insights on key metrics, trends, and progress tracking.

For Manufacturing Operations Teams

Access daily, weekly, quality control, and other production reports for informed decision-making.

For Business Transformation Leaders

Get monthly production, maintenance, and failure reasons reports for strategic planning and optimization.

For Financial Executives

Review annual performance, equipment utilization, cost and loss reports for budgeting and improvement planning.

Automated and Real-Time Reports.

Enhance Collaboration Across Teams. With Transparent and Centralized Data.

Leverage critical data for better analysis and decision-making, unlocking valuable insights into operations, enhancing efficiency, and fueling growth.

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Say Goodbye to Siloed Data

Centralize insights for improved collaboration, breaking down barriers between teams and enabling informed decision-making.

Digital Collaboration

Transform collaboration with our smart solution, replacing paper-based tasks with efficient digital processes.

A Solution with Inclusion

Centralized dashboards for all teams, promoting transparency and data-driven insights across the organization.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Implement Agile Transformation and leverage continuous feedback for ongoing improvement and operational excellence.

Enhance Collaboration Across Teams.

Unlock the potential of your manufacturing data to make informed decisions.

Access critical data for improved analysis and decision-making, gaining insights to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth in your business.

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manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Informed Manufacturing Decisions

Harness data-driven insights to make informed decisions, optimize schedules, reduce downtime, and improve product quality.

Root Cause Identification

Determine root causes of production failures, enabling proactive measures to prevent future disruptions.

Production Trend Analysis

Detect trends and patterns in production processes for better strategic planning and optimization.

Optimize Costs & Minimize Loss

Identify cost-reduction opportunities and refine production processes to minimize waste and loss for increased profitability.

Unlock the potential of your manufacturing data to make informed decisions

A White-Label MES Platform At Your Disposal. Your Branding. Your Locale. Your Workflows.

Customize Kypeco to fit your business needs, minimize training time with user-friendly interfaces, and update terminology for seamless system integration.

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manufacturing workforce manager
manufacturing workforce leadership

Tailor to Your Manufacturing Processes

Configure multiple sites and production lines effortlessly with Kypeco's advanced panel, allowing seamless customization of industrial processes.

Benchmark Production KPIs & OEE

Monitor PAQO KPI metrics, identifying deviations from benchmarks to maintain optimal performance.

Branding & Language Localization

Easily set up branding and language localization for a personalized experience.

Customize SKUs, Failures & Assets

Adapt SKU properties, failure reasons, and assets to align with your unique business requirements.

A White-Label MES Platform At Your Disposal. Your Branding. Your Locale. Your Workflows.


Real-time Production Data Points.

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General Manufacturing Standards.

Bespoke Solution for Modern Manufacturing

Top Challenges across Manufacturing Industries, without a modern Manufacturing Execution System.

Business Challenges

How does Kypeco solve this and help in the Digital Transformation

Data Acquisition and Entry

Lack of real-time data visibility

Real-time data visibility

Kypeco empowers businesses with instant access to critical information, driving better decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Inconsistent and inaccurate data

Consistent, accurate data

Kypeco's robust data validation ensures reliable analysis, enabling informed decisions and optimal business performance.

Siloed data

Unified data platform

Kypeco eliminates data silos by integrating multiple systems, fostering collaboration and unlocking valuable insights across departments.

Lack of traceability

Enhanced traceability

Kypeco's data lineage tracking ensures data accuracy, simplifies error identification, and supports regulatory compliance.

Production Planning, Scheduling and Optimization

Inefficient production processes

Improved production processes

Efficiency is enhanced by identifying and addressing bottlenecks with Kypeco, ensuring smooth and optimized manufacturing processes.

Inability to quickly respond to changes in demand

Flexible demand response

Businesses can swiftly adapt to changing demand using Kypeco, maintaining optimal production levels and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Easy access to real-time insights

Maximizing production potential

Kypeco's advanced analytics and optimization tools enable manufacturers to maximize resource utilization and minimize production costs, driving profitability.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Bottleneck detection

Real-time insights provided by Kypeco help manufacturers identify and resolve production bottlenecks, fostering continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Shopfloor Monitoring, maintenance and Control

Inefficient maintenance management

Improved maintenance management

Kypeco streamlines maintenance processes, reducing downtime and enhancing equipment performance for increased productivity.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Bottleneck identification made easy

Kypeco's real-time monitoring helps spot bottlenecks, enabling timely resolution and improved manufacturing efficiency.

Increased waste and scrap

Waste and scrap reduction

Kypeco identifies sources of waste, helping businesses implement corrective measures to minimize scrap and boost resource utilization.

Inability to track production costs

Production cost tracking

Kypeco's comprehensive tracking capabilities provide insights into production costs, enabling data-driven decision-making and cost optimization.

Talent Attraction And retention

Loss of competitiveness

Enhancing competitiveness

Kypeco's modern SaaS MES solution fosters a cutting-edge work environment, giving businesses a competitive edge in the industry.

Difficulty in attracting a skilled workforce

Attracting skilled workforce

Kypeco's advanced capabilities appeal to skilled professionals, helping companies recruit top talent and drive innovation.

Difficulty in retaining experienced workforce

Retaining experienced workforce

Kypeco fosters employee satisfaction and helps retain valuable talent by streamlining operations and promoting a growth-oriented culture.

Difficulty in identifying bottlenecks

Bottleneck identification made easy

Kypeco's analytics facilitate the detection of bottlenecks in talent management, enabling companies to address issues and optimize their workforce strategy.

Process Improvements, Team Collaboration and strategic decision making

Lack of collaboration across departments

Fostering cross-department collaboration

Kypeco unifies data and systems, promoting seamless communication and cooperation between departments.

High manual labor costs

Reducing manual labor costs

Kypeco's automation capabilities minimize manual tasks, decreasing labor costs and increasing overall efficiency.

Inability to track production costs

Tracking production costs effectively

Kypeco delivers comprehensive cost-tracking insights, empowering businesses to optimize expenses and improve profitability.

Slow decision making

Accelerating decision-making

Kypeco provides real-time data and analytics, enabling faster, data-driven decisions and increased agility in the face of changing market conditions.

Digital Manufacturing Solutions for your Modern Manufacturing Needs

Smart Software for Manufacturing Industry

Our tailored solutions for your manufacturing industry optimize your production processes, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency, providing a competitive edge for your business.

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