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Discover your Industry 4.0 potential to adopt smart technologies.


Connect, Automate and Optimize your operations and make it part of the process.


Drive efficiency and quality with and optimize to meet future demands.


Empower your workforce and maximize growth and profitability.

WHY is it Crucial for the businesses?

Primary benefits of SIRI—
The Key Insights are Right There. For Everyone.

Comprehensive Digital Assessment

Comprehensive Digital Assessment

Evaluate digital maturity in Process, Technology, and Organization.

Easy and Non-Intrusive

Easy and Non-Intrusive

Quick and easy assessment that does not require sharing sensitive data.

Objective Third-Party Assessment

Objective Third-Party Assessment

Neutral toolkit carried out by a certified third party, based on anonymous data.

Enhance Awareness

Enhance Awareness

Improves technology understanding and its benefits to increase awareness.

Drive Alignment

Drive Alignment

Boosts alignment and fosters transparency within the organization.

Benchmark Maturity

Benchmark Maturity

Compare I4.0 maturity across sites and against peers for better decision-making.

Access to Technology Providers

Access to Technology Providers

Taps into a wide network of technology providers to increase I4.0 knowledge.

Prioritize Efforts

Prioritize Efforts

Enables the creation of a roadmap and better allocation of resources.

Track Progress Continuously

Track Progress Continuously

Assess regularly to track transformation progress and adjust strategies accordingly.

Don't wait – take advantage of SIRI and redefine the path to Smart Industry Readiness today.

Understanding the key components of a future-ready manufacturing facility is crucial for an effective transformation journey. The SIRI framework utilizes the Reference Architectural Model Industry 4.0 (RAMI 4.0) to provide practical and comprehensive guidance.

Smart Industry Readiness Index



Supply Chain

Product Lifecycle

Vertical Integration

Horizontal Integration

Integrated Product Lifecycle





Shop Floor





Structure &

Workforce Learning

Inter- and Intra-Company


Strategy &

The SIRI framework has three layers: Building Blocks, Pillars, and Dimensions. The topmost layer identifies the fundamental Building Blocks of Industry 4.0: Technology, Process, and Organization. Underpinning these Building Blocks are eight Pillars, representing critical aspects companies must focus on to become future-ready. Finally, the third layer comprises sixteen Dimensions that companies should reference when evaluating the current maturity levels of their facilities. This approach systematically optimizes operations, reduces costs, and increases competitiveness in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.

Who is it for?

Because both —
Speed and Direction matters.

Impact on Targets

Impact on Targets

Operators, Process and Quality Control Engineers, Shift Leads and Supervisors.
Planning Horizon
3 - 6 months
Impact on Growth

Impact on Growth

Operations and Production Manager, Manufacturing, Site and Plant Managers.
Planning Horizon
1 - 2 years
Impact on Vision

Impact on Vision

General Managers, Directors, Innovation Leads, Partners, CXO, Partners, Owners.
Planning Horizon
3 - 5 years

Adopt 4-Step Transformation Journey Towards Industry 4.0

What is SIRI Lead Framework?

Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) Lead Framework

1 - Learn

Acquire knowledge about modern manufacturing processes.

2 - Evaluate

Assess current processes and identify areas for improvement.

3 - Architect

Implement and optimize solutions for maximum efficiency.

4 - Deliver

Design and develop customized projects for the operations.

Let it be your compass, guiding you towards a horizon of innovation.

With SIRI, chart the course to a future of brilliance, adaptability and undeniable success.

Assess, Improve, Succeed

Evaluate your current state of business readiness and identify areas of improvement with the Smart Industry Readiness Index. This assessment allows you to understand where you stand in terms of technology adoption and innovation, providing insights into where you can optimize your operations.

Today's State

Develop an in-depth understanding of the company's current Industry 4.0 maturity level.

Maximize Profitability

Prioritize business objectives that have the most impact on your bottom line. By understanding the financial implications of each objective, you can focus your resources on the most impactful initiatives and drive sustainable growth.

impact to bottom line

Analyse how distinct Industry 4.0 areas affect profits and identify those that can generate the greatest financial return.

Stay Focused, Achieve Goals

Essential Business Objectives: Define essential business objectives that align with your company's vision and goals. By setting clear objectives, you can ensure that your operations are aligned with your business strategy and that you are on track to achieve your long-term objectives.

essential business objectives

Determine the most critical business objectives to guide the selection of relevant Industry 4.0 areas.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Consider the broader community when prioritizing business objectives. By aligning your objectives with industry trends and best practices, you can ensure that your operations remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing business environment.

references to the broader community

Emulate the successes of the broader manufacturing community, and learn from their mistakes as well.

Global technology benchmark - An INTERESTING OBSERVATION

The 3B Maturity Benchmark is a way to evaluate the performance of factories and plants, comparing them to the best-in-class, the average, and those that are behind in the manufacturing industry. It serves as a standard for the global manufacturing community.

Most companies (90%) struggle with the Technology aspect (aka Building Block), as per the SIRI Framework and RAMI 4.0 standards. These companies perform better in Process and Organization, which are the other two main blocks of the framework. In the Technology section, these companies score an average of 1 Band or less as compared to the other 9 dimensions, indicating that Technology has much room for improvement.

The Smart Industry Readiness Index, your catalyst for transformation

How to get the SIRI Assessment done?

Preparing for the Smart Industry Readiness Index involves evaluating your organization's digital readiness, identifying gaps, and implementing strategies to improve operations, technology adoption, and talent development.

Conduct a thorough Assessment to
Accelerating Digital Transformation.

The Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessment is a valuable tool for manufacturers looking to stay competitive and sustainable in the Industry 4.0 era.

What’s the purpose of SIRI assessment?

This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions about the adoption and integration of smart technologies, and to implement effective strategies for sustainable growth.

Evaluate your current level of readiness

Get insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

Get recommendations for improvement

Ideas for improvement to enhance you smart industry readiness.

Comparison with industry peers

Understand how you fare against your competition and identify areas where you can improve.

What’s the purpose of SIRI assessment?

Empower your team, unlock your potential,
and future-proof your business with SIRI.

Participating in the Smart Industry Readiness Index Assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of your current level of smart industry readiness and identifies opportunities for improvement.

It’s a game of teamwork

By involving team members from different functions and levels within your organization, you can foster a collaborative approach and promote buy-in and ownership of the assessment outcomes.

Gain comprehensive understanding

Identify opportunities for improvements as a team.

Foster collaboration

Involve team members from different functions and levels within your organization to foster a collaborative approach and promote buy-in and ownership of the assessment outcomes.

Create a culture of continuous improvement

Involvement amplifies the strategies for sustainable growth.

Digital Advancement is a game of teamwork

It's not a one-off exercise.
Make it part of your transformation process.

Implement the actions outlined in the roadmap, closely monitor progress, and continuously refine the roadmap based on the results achieved, fostering ongoing improvement in manufacturing operations.

Implement Initiatives. Continuously Measure.

SIRI is not a one-time project; it requires continuous measurement and improvement to stay competitive and sustainable in the Industry 4.0 era.

Develop an action plan

An plan that outlines specific initiatives to improve readiness.

Implement the action plan

Implement the action plan and track progress regularly.

Measure and monitor progress

Measuring progress regularly is essential to track the effectiveness of the initiative.

Implement Initiatives. Continuously Measure.

Assess Your Industry 4.0 Readiness with SIRI

SIRI - Your Pathway to Smarter Manufacturing

SIRI provides a comprehensive assessment of your Industry 4.0 readiness and a roadmap for optimizing your manufacturing operations, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Elevate your manufacturing game with SIRI.

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