It's a suite of applications loved by the younger workforce in manufacturing. Use it on the web, smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, with add-ons on Teams and analytics tools. Stop going back to that desktop monitor.

Smart application for modern MES

Smart manufacturing application suite

Access real-time manufacturing insights on your phone and tablets, both Android and iOS. Use Alexa as your manufacturing assistant.

Enterprise Integration with your processes

Integrate with your existing on-prem systems, ERP (SAP, D365, NetSuite etc.), warehouse management system and automate production analytics flow.

Third Party Manufacturing addons

Streamline communication with in-app Teams integration and advanced analytics tools such as PowerBI, Tableau etc.

Maximize efficiency and productivity on your Shopfloor with real-time insights and streamlined communication using smart MES applications.

Smart manufacturing Application Suite for modern devices

One Unified Manufacturing Solution to get rid of several legacy applications.

Replace whiteboards with video walls, clipboards with tablets, papers based reports with digital reports on phones and Microsoft Teams.

Smart Manufacturing application ecosystem with video walls and smart devices with integration

Transform the Shopfloor with an Enterprise Manufacturing Suite

Bring your teams together and improve collaboration with our integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and advanced analytics tools.

A new era of connectivity, adaptability, and unparalleled performance on Shopfloor

Use Modern SaaS Platforms in Manufacturing

Optimize Operations

Optimize Operations

Optimize operations with real-time monitoring and analytics to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce downtime.

Improve Quality Control

Improve Quality Control

Customized reports and dashboards to provide real-time insights into performance metrics and KPIs enabling data-driven decision-making.

Enhance Decision-Making

Enhance Decision-Making

Smart Apps automate processes, reducing labor costs and improving overall efficiency and reduce inefficiencies, errors, and high costs.

Eliminate Paperwork

Eliminate Paperwork

Reduce the risk of errors with digital apps for capturing data, enabling faster and more accurate information management.

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Real-time updates and notifications, enabling faster response times to issues and bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.

Enhance Collaboration

Enhance Collaboration

Digital apps that enable seamless communication and collaboration between different teams and departments.

A smart tablet application of modern mes solution

Put Smart Devices on the Shopfloor!

Get the insights at every level of data. Where integration with machines isn't possible, use the native tablet MES application.


Data Aggregation levels


Processes Reduced


Data Granularity


Configuration Time

Empowering Your Modern Workforce with Smart Apps in Modern MES Platform

Connect, Collaborate, and Innovate - The Social Side of Modern MES in Manufacturing.

A video wall representing modern manufacturing solution during meeting

Videowall for Meeting Rooms

Display your production data in real-time on a large screen to facilitate discussions and improve decision-making.

A web browser based modern mes application

Your Data Analyst on Demand

A smart application that analyzes your data and provides real-time recommendations for improvements.

A group of smart devices with tablets, phones and smart watch in manufacturing

Social App in Manufacturing

Foster collaboration and innovation in your manufacturing operations with a smart app that enables staff to collaborate.

Use of Amazon Alexa in modern manufacturing solution

Voice Assistant for Simplified Operations

A voice assistant to interact with your MES platform to can access information, execute commands, and receive updates on-the-go.

Connect all sites and lines with an Enterprise Solution.
Smart Manufacturing is a Unified Approach.


Time to add a new Site


Time to add a
new Line


Work Orders


Your Brand


Shift Data


Shift Report

connect, monitor, and optimize manufacturing processes with smart devices

Smart Application Suite for Digital Manufacturing

comparison of paperbased process and modern manufacturing solution

Attract Workforce

Eliminate tedious paperwork & keep workers engaged at production.

Digital collaboration

Centralized insights encourage an open and collaborative culture.


Transparent data makes work more competitive and fun - like a Game!

Improved Process

Automate the production process with data acquisition & analysis.

help your entire team enjoy the digital journey.

It's the experience that matters.

Your Analyst Friend, social app in manufacturing, and voice assistant.

Learn what's in it for your teams.

Smartness that you see everywhere else.

Kypeco introduces new ways of interacting with data, which is common in the tech industry. Now, it's in manufacturing.

A smart watch with real-time OEE monitoring

Connectivity that you see everywhere else.

We all are well connected with our teams over email, Teams, etc. Kypeco brings the same experience bespoke for the manufacturing industry.

use Kypeco to Monitor remote production sites while traveling

Innovation that you see everywhere else.

Teams love collaborating, and it's pretty advanced in many other industries. Kypeco brings manufacturing teams together to collaborate.

Real-time shopfloor monitoring on smart phone Kypeco MES

Digitalize your Shopfloor with Modern MES. Say goodbye to whiteboards and papers.

Bring Modern Cloud Platform and Smart Apps in Manufacturing

Eliminate manual data entry an streamline your shopfloor operations with our MES Platform Application Suite.

Explore Our Platform Application Suite - Transform Your Manufacturing Process!

Real-time Analytics

Boost your shopfloor efficiency with real-time production data that's accurate and up-to-the-minute. Make informed decisions and improve performance with ease.

Use Kypeco MES for production planning while travelling

Modern Application Stack for Manufacturers

Eliminate manual data entry and simplify your shopfloor processes with our MES platform.

Cloud Native

Our modern manufacturing execution system is built with Cloud Native technologies.

A smart watch app in manufacturing

Increased Productivity

Optimize production planning and reduce downtime to boost your manufacturing productivity.

Scalable SaaS Solution

See shift trends on modern Industry 4.0 application

Kypeco grows with your business, adapting to your changing needs and expanding production capabilities.

Younger Workforce love Smart Devices and Smart Applications in Manufacturing

Use Modern Unified Manufacturing Platform

Our smart manufacturing applications enable your workforce to access real-time data, optimize workflows, and increase productivity from anywhere, at any time. Empower your workforce, optimize your operations, and achieve smarter manufacturing on the go.

Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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