Smart Manufacturing, Smarter Workforce

Manufacturing Software for Machine Operators

Minimize errors, increase productivity, and keep your workforce engaged. Don't let outdated systems hold you back; upgrade to a modern MES today and experience the difference it can make.

Digital Shopfloor Solution for a happier, more efficient workforce

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data entry and transition to the Digital Logbooks. Let Kypeco take the load off your shoulders and make work fun!

Management Teams using digital tools in manufacturing

Maximize Efficiency

Unlock peak productivity and minimize downtime with our next-gen Shopfloor solution.

Elevate Quality

Achieve consistent quality and elevate your production game with advanced analytics.

IMPROVE Processes

Simplify your Shopfloor operations with a modern and user-friendly digital solution.

Boost Visibility

Gain full visibility into your Shopfloor operations and make data-driven decisions.

No more fumbling with paper and pen - Go Paperless on your shopfloor

Smart MES for Younger Workforce

Step into the future of manufacturing with Kypeco's feature-packed arsenal. From real-time reporting to advanced quality control, our tools streamline your process, boost efficiency, and elevate your production game. Discover the power of modern manufacturing today!

Shift Production Board

Ensure that you meet hourly production targets. This provides real-time updates allowing you to monitor progress.

Job Start/End Time Estimates

Get accurate estimates for job completion times, to manage your resources and meet customer expectations.

Quick Downtime Status

Minimize disruptions and keep your manufacturing process running smoothly with the real-time line availability status.

Hourly OEE Monitoring

Get real-time updates on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on an hourly basis and maximize equipment performance.

Shift Production Reports

Stay informed with a detailed production process during each shift, offering insights into operations to optimize the workflow.

Waste Analysis

Identify the sources of waste, measure the impact, and optimize the production process to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

Bring your Shopfloor Team on a Unified Digital Software

Bring Tablets and Smart Apps to the production floor.

How does Kypeco help shopfloor workforce?

Redefine Operations Workflows with a Smart Solution for Shopfloor. For Lean or Agile Manufacturing.

Kypeco is built to tackle the common problems faced by the Shopfloor workforce in the Manufacturing Industry and delivers the top-notch digital experience. With Smart Shopfloor Software and Digital Manufacturing tools, it fine-tunes your operations and production processes in real-time, boosting productivity.

Management Team with smart dashboards

Production Planning Solution

Work-Order Management

Integrate seamlessly with ERP to import work orders, create them on-the-fly, and auto-update status with Shopfloor connectivity. Export the data back to the ERP system for accuracy as the source of truth.

Smart Job Scheduling

Optimize productivity and product quality by assigning jobs to the most efficient production lines.

Real-time Work Order Status

Get real-time insights into the shop floor and receive accurate completion time estimates. Optimize work order change/setup time by combining jobs.

Production Improvements Insights

Gain valuable insights into waste production, downtime, and key failure reasons for each SKU to optimize the production process.

Production Rate Monitoring

Take timely actions by monitoring the production rate of each job in progress and each line, conveniently available at your fingertips.

Maintenance Planning Solution

Predictive Machine Maintenance

Quickly check upcoming planned maintenance and associated work and promptly start or stop ongoing unplanned downtimes while logging failure reasons/equipment and comments.

Equipment Maintenance Planning

Effortlessly visualize maintenance by equipment and promptly schedule recurring maintenance for optimal equipment upkeep.

Shopfloor Maintenance Planner

Effectively minimize the MTBF by visualizing historical and upcoming downtimes and planning better for improved downtime management.

Machine Downtime Analysis

Optimize the production process by obtaining insights into waste production, downtime, and key failure reasons for each SKU.

Circumstantial Downtimes Monitoring

Easily start and stop ongoing downtime with a single touch and automatically update the Production Pacing Boards targets for streamlined operations.

OEE Monitoring Solution

Real-time OEE Calculations

Get minute-by-minute insights into key OEE calculations for high-paced production environments, with real-time calculations for optimized operations.

Hourly OEE Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor the OEE of each production line per hour and overall shift summary on a single dashboard for easy accessibility and streamlined operations.

Shift Production Board

Streamline shop floor operations with an Industry 4.0 standard production board for each shift and day, serving as a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your production needs.

Daily/Weekly Production Boards

Stay ahead of the curve and avoid missing monthly targets by identifying trends early on with the weekly production board. Automatically aggregated data provides key insights for optimized operations.

OEE Failure Analysis

Leverage the power of ML and AI to gain automated insights and alerts, enabling you to discover the key issues in your manufacturing process for streamlined operations.

Manufacturing Reports Solution

Automated Shift Reports

Eliminate the hassle of end-of-shift paperwork with automated shift reports that are delivered to everyone's mailbox, allowing you to go home after a long shift without worrying about additional administrative tasks.

Weekly Production Reports

Eliminate the weekly burden of creating reports by automatically automating the process and receiving them with all the key insights. Focus on more critical tasks and decision-making with the valuable information at your fingertips.

Automated Shopfloor Reports

Access all production reports easily and quickly with just a few clicks. Work order reports, production schedules, and SKU reports are automatically generated, freeing up your time to focus on planning.

Machine Failure Reports

Identify key reasons for machine unavailability and Big Six losses and categorize failures for easy analysis.

Waste Management Reports

Production line quality and reject reports help manage waste and improve production quality.

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Make it your manufacturing collaboration platform. For everyone. For every department.


Production Rate Insights


Performance Insights


Availability Insights






Cost and Loss


End-of-shift paperwork is a thing of the past

Going Digital is Happiness.

Say goodbye to manual reports and hello to after-work happy hour!

You know what's worse than a 12 hours shift?
The paperwork that comes after it.

Without the support of a digital MES solution, the workforce of a manufacturing industry may find themselves struggling to navigate through piles of paperwork and endless manual processes.

Digitalize and automate the Shopfloor Reports

The lack of access to real-time information and limited training opportunities can hinder their productivity and ability to learn and grow.

Easy access to real-time insights

With transparent visualization, avoid delays, errors, and inefficiencies in the production process.

Automate manual production processes

Increase production efficiency and avoid human errors.

Keep workforce focused on manufacturing

Auto-generate reports keep the workforce engaged on the production floor, saving 200+ hours every month.

Paper based and smart manufacturing tools comparison


Real-time Hourly Production Boards

Plan with Integrated Shopfloor Analytics.

Shopfloor Tools
for Line Operators.
Zero Paperwork.

Work together. Share insights. Make better decisions.

Smart Shopfloor Applications for Younger Workforce.
Power of tech-savvy minds for a brighter, more efficient production.

Get rid of manual data entry and difficult calculations and automate the manufacturing process with seamless data acquisition and analysis by using Digital Logbook - whiteboard to Colorful board!

Attract Modern Workforce with Smart Apps

Provide an environment to the younger workforce that they love and enjoy working at—a platform where they learn modern tools and experience the future of smart manufacturing. Let them show off among their peer!

Use of Smart Devices instead of Clipboards

Smart apps are easier for the workforce to provide details of the Shopfloor activities.

Engaging Workforce

Digitalize many manual processes, freeing up the workforce to focus on tasks that require their skills.

Provide training and development opportunities

Build employee engagement and motivation, and attract and retain top talent.

Smart Manufacturing apps for manufacturers

Digital Solution for Machine Operators on Shopfloor

The Smart MES Software for the Modern Workforce in Manufacturing

Say goodbye to paper-based data entry and streamline production with digital logbook.

Digital Logbooks for Seamless Workflow - Try It Out Today!

Increase Efficiency

Say goodbye to manual data entry, minimize errors, and save valuable time. Automate your data input processes and focus on more important tasks to enhance overall productivity.

A smart phone application for operations managers

Create Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into the production process and make informed decisions.


Ensure accountability with digital records of operations and employee activities.

A smart watch application for manufacturing managers


Empower your workforce to focus on production process improvements.

Engage Workforce

A smart tablet application for production managers

Easily scale manufacturing operations with an advanced MES Solution for Workforce.

Digital Shopfloor Solution for Improved Productivity and Collaboration

Smart Manufacturing Software for Shopfloor Operators

Our smart manufacturing solution is designed to optimize your production process, reduce downtime, and increase productivity for your entire shop floor workforce.

Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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