Software features for your Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Smart Manufacturing Platform

Real-time production monitoring, integration with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SCADA, PLCs, AI and Machine Learning capabilities for smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance tools, Shopfloor management, and data analytics for continuous improvement - the wait is over!

Kypeco MES Streamline Shopfloor Management

Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Don't waste time searching for data in silos. Get real-time insights to make data-driven decisions.

Automated Production Reports

Get automated reports generated on time, with integrated Machine Learning and AI.

Digital Shopfloor Management

Simplify the Shopfloor management with our NextGen MES. Streamline operations, reduce downtime, and increase output.

Say goodbye to manual tasks, siloed data, and inefficient workflows. Reduce downtime and increase profitability. It's the solution every manufacturer has been waiting for.

Delivering software features on the wishlist of all manufacturers

Powerful Data Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Eliminate manual processes and streamline operations for increased efficiency. Automate manual tasks, monitor production in real-time, and analyze performance data for actionable insights.

Kypeco modern MES functionality for Industry 4.0

Digitalize Manufacturing to attract Younger Workforce

Upgrade to the NextGen Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Platform to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Unify your teams on a single Unified Production Software.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,
use the best tools for Smart Manufacturing.

Integration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystemIntegration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystem


Granularity of the
Production Data


Levels of
Data Aggregation


Properties Analysed


Roles Supported


Manual Processes
Made Redundant

Create complex Production Workflows like flowcharts.

A Unified Manufacturing Software Platform

Kypeco - Power of Predictive Analytics

Power of Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics to gain valuable insights and optimize your manufacturing processes.

Develop an Agile Plan with Modern MES Kypeco

Develop an Agile Plan

Develop an agile plan to achieve your manufacturing goals and respond to market changes.

Adapt in Real-Time with Industry 4.0

Adapt in Real-Time

Track progress in real-time and adapt your strategies on the fly with the latest MES technologies.


Interactive Dashboards.

Get your favourite production report!
Real-time Production Data Visualization with Kypeco
Real-Time Production Scheduling with Kypeco
Shop Floor Data Monitoring with Kypeco
Production Line Monitoring for Manufacturing with Kypeco
Kypeco Production Optimization with Data-Driven Insights
Kypeco Machine Learning for Production Optimization
Workflow Management for Manufacturing with Kypeco
User-Friendly Kypeco Interface for Smart Apps

Monitor Remote Manufacturing Sites and Production Lines. With one Unified Manufacturing Platform.

Monitor your Factory's Performance for each machine or at a Site Level. With a centralized MES powered by Data Science.

It's now possible to monitor all your manufacturing sites from one centralized location, no matter where you are or what time it is. Our advanced MES provides you with real-time alerts and notifications so you can stay on top of any issues, even when you're not physically on site.

Monitor KPIs of your entire factory

Our advanced site monitoring solution helps you meet your entire manufacturing site's goals and discover areas to improve.

Improve Line Production Rate

Prioritize improving the performance of the least productive line, to bring all lines up to a more consistent level of productivity.

Reduce Production Backlog

Reduce the backlog time on assembly lines and balance the workload to improve overall efficiency.

Schedule with Takt/Cycle Time

Schedule work orders based on the line with the shortest Takt Time and improve output of other lines.

Remote access for manufacturing technology

Improve your Production Capacity by reducing Waste and Downtime. The Superhero of Line Overall Effectiveness (OEE)!

When tracking the efficiency of a production line, relying on a single data point is often not sufficient. To gain a more comprehensive understanding, it is important to collect and analyze multiple data points. Right? So why wait?

Line Overall Efficiency Dashboard

OEE is the heartbeat of any successful manufacturing operation - it's the engine that drives efficiency, productivity, and profitability. With dashboards in Kypeco, unlock your true manufacturing potentials.

Monitor Line Status

Reduce downtime and lead times to ensure on-time delivery to respond quickly to customer demand.

Increase Production Line Capacity

Increase output, reduce costs, and improve the quality of the products.

Utilization by Production Line

Identify the optimal balance between the resources used and the output produced by line.

Production line monitoring for manufacturing


Automated Reporting & Insights.

Intelligent Analytics with ML and AI.

Production Dashboards

One-touch access to all Manufacturing KPIs

Transform your Shopfloor into a Digital Hub of productivity. Upgrade
Whiteboards -> Videowalls.

Transform your Factory Floor with Modern Manufacturing Software.
Make AI and ML work alongside your workforce.

Upgrade your meeting rooms with videowalls to enhance communication and collaboration, and keep your team focused on tasks at hand. Get simplified data collection and analysis, which gives you real-time insights into your operations, and helps you make informed decisions.

Automate Production KPI calculations

Get rid of manual data entry and difficult calculations and automate the manufacturing process with seamless data acquisition and analysis by using Digital Logbook - whiteboard to Colorful board!

Monitor Production Target

Track the availability of equipment, materials, and labor, and factor this into the production scheduling.

Find Zero Hour of losses

Get insight into periods of no production with a single click.

Process Anomaly Detection

Identify anomalies detected using deviations from expected patterns.

AI-powered digital manufacturing

Attracts Younger Workforce with Digital Solutions.
They get frustrated with Paperwork.

Do you want to attract and retain a skilled and motivated workforce in your manufacturing operation? Here we are! You can incorporate smart applications, go paperless, and offer workers interesting tasks that will keep them engaged and productive.

Digital collaboration in manufacturing

Revolutionize your collaboration process with our smart solution - eliminate paper-based tasks and go digital. Streamline communication and information sharing for increased efficiency and productivity.

Mobile Accessibility of Shopfloor

Why not treat Kypeco as Outlook? Use mobile, tablets, smart watch, Alexa, whichever you like!

Gamification of Operations Tasks

Transparent data makes work more competitive and enjoyable - like a Game!

Collaboration across Production Teams

Centralized insights encourages a more open and collaborative workplace culture.

Lean manufacturing for production optimization


Smart WorkOrder Scheduler

Check Job Schedule on your phone.

Kypeco mobile phone MES application for OEE Monitoring
Kypeco mobile phone MES application for Work Order Management

Optimize Workflow with Smart Scheduling: Efficiently Manage Tasks and Save Time!

Modern Work-Order Management

Predictive Jobs Scheduling

Schedules work orders using ML and AI algorithms that maximizes the use of resources and ensures that the most important tasks are completed first.

Meet Production Deadlines

Save time by transitioning from paper-based work orders to a MES. Prioritizing work orders using real-time data helps meet production deadlines and deliveries.

Standardize Production SOPs

Meet production goals by emphasizing standardization and optimizing the workflows. This ultimately saves time, reduces errors, and increases productivity.

Implement Lean Manufacturing

Get feedback on a loop to drive continuous improvement on work orders. Identify areas for optimization using real-time data and analysis for better outcomes.

Smart Job Scheduling

Automation and ML algorithms, enables intelligent scheduling based on line efficiency and historical data. Schedule based on the machine's ability to manufacture specific SKU, further improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Integration with ERP & E-Commerce

Remove manual work-order entry and use a modern platform! Integrate existing ERP or E-commerce systems and import work orders automatically.
ERP Integration for Production Planning with Kypeco


Schedule a Planned Maintenance.

Now keep your equipments well-oiled!

Improve Machine Availability

A centralized platform for Production and Operations Teams.

Effortlessly Organize Equipment Maintenance with Planner: Maximize Uptime and Minimize Downtime!

Gantt Style Maintenance Planner

Schedule Recurring Maintenance

Save time and improve efficiency by establishing recurring patterns for maintenance tasks, reducing the need for rework and errors.

Mean Time Between Failure

Provides a measure of how often production assets fail by analyzing data on equipment performance, downtime, and maintenance history.

Mean Time Between Repair

Get solutions to proactively schedule maintenance and minimize downtime to improve the reliability of assets by tracking assets performance.

Transparent Maintenance Plan

Provides clear guidelines and steps for tasks and processes using Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which leads to improved teamwork.

Improve Resource Utilization

Maximize resource utilization in manufacturing with our visual management tool. Prioritize maintenance tasks, optimize resources, and reduce downtime. Achieve optimal efficiency and boost profitability.

Standardization using SOP

By integrating SOP, maintenance tasks can be streamlined, allowing for improved efficiency, accuracy, and compliance to ensure that maintenance activities are performed consistently and to the highest standard.
Predictive maintenance for manufacturing


Automated Insights with ML & AI.

A Big Data Platform for manufacturing.
Real-time Production Data Visualization with Kypeco
Real-Time Production Scheduling with Kypeco
Shop Floor Data Monitoring with Kypeco
Production Line Monitoring for Manufacturing with Kypeco
Kypeco Production Optimization with Data-Driven Insights
Kypeco Machine Learning for Production Optimization
Workflow Management for Manufacturing with Kypeco
User-Friendly Kypeco Interface for Smart Apps

Improve production Planning with Smart Reports

Automated Manufacturing Reports.
No more digging through files.

Identify Failure patterns in operations

Real-Time Visibility on Critical Data

Critical data insights such as failure reasons, trends, equipment utilization, loss and cost analysis. Identify patterns in operations and optimize resources for better improvement.

Set the patterns into a feedback loop, to make continuous improvements for better performance and reduce costs.

Trend Analysis for each KPI

No more siloed.
It's real-time data.

Make better decisions using centralized real-time insights easily accessible to all teams.


Automated Reports KPIs

Scalable MES Technology for Automated Production Reports

Root Cause Analysis

Streamline process and eliminate guesswork - find bottlenecks faster and act proactively!

Planning and Budgeting

Efficiently allocate resources and optimize the new budget with annual loss and cost analysis.

Digital solutions for a greener office.

Uncover Trends
with Digital reports

Analyze over 50 reports offered by Kypeco, providing deeper insights into operations and critical data points. Personalize for your brand, and share with colleagues and management, leading to informed business decisions.

We handle your manufacturing report generation so you can focus on what really matters - boosting your production!

Get Reports on Microsoft Teams

Export to PDF
or send over Email.

Want an eco-friendly option? Export to PDF for paperless, or send via an email. It's your choice!

<15 sec

All Insights and Analytics

Kypeco Machine Learning for Production Optimization with Automated Reporting and Insights

One-click Insights

Instantly access reports with a single click - no more calculations and doc formatting.

Automated Reports

Now you can forget to send the monthly reports on time. Let Kypeco do it for you!

<15 min

Configure your MES.

It's easier than setting up the Excel sheets.
Shop Floor Data Monitoring with Intelligent Reports by Kypeco
Smart Factory Automation for Shopfloor Analytics and Insights
Real-Time Insights for Production and Shift Reports
Process Validation for Shopfloor Insights and Analytics
Kypeco Smart Scheduling for Production with Automated Reporting and Insights
Kypeco Equipment Management for Manufacturing with Intelligent Reports
MES Technology for Predictive Maintenance and Production Insights

Tailor Your User Experience with Customization: Design Our Platform Your Way!

Customize and Configure - the way you like it.

A white-labeled platform that offers full customization and branding options to suit your business needs. Not only will this enhance your brand identity, but with the ability to add language localization and workflows, you can create a tailored solution that aligns with your business processes.Experience the power of a platform that truly represents your brand - with Kypeco.

Production KPIs & OEE Benchmarks

Revolutionize production with customized KPIs & OEE Benchmarks. Prioritize critical issues, optimize resources, and achieve better results.

Customizable MES Platform for Manufacturing with Kypeco

PAQO Failure Reasons

One-time process of setting up reasons applicable to your manufacturing process; get periodic updates on each to streamline the process.

Work-Order SKU

Define SKUs with their production rate and cost. Once defined, you can set up work-orders with a single tap, providing real-time visibility.

Equipment Management

Import all equipment used in the production processes with estimated time to repair and replace to maintain a lifetime of equipment.

Production Targets

Prefer to operate without work orders? Optimize production processes by setting hourly production targets once.

Empowering Your Team with a Modern Digital Platform

Boost Collaboration and Productivity Across Your Production Teams.

With our innovative digital platform, your manufacturing team can collaborate seamlessly and optimize productivity. From real-time data insights to streamlined workflows, our solution empowers your team to work smarter, not harder.

Real-Time Insights

Gain real-time data insights to make informed decisions.

Create Workflows

Optimize workflows and maximize productivity.

Improve Collaboration

Foster seamless collaboration across all team members.

Enhanced Decisions

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights & analytics.